Our History

In a faith move, the evolving ministry team of Praise Temple Family Worship Center aspiring to purchase a church to start a ministry began negotiations with the realtor and Foursquare Church. The three minister’s came up with $750.00 to use as earnest money to secure a bid on the church. After weeks of negotiations, Pastor Dean locked in on an agreement with the Foursquare to purchase the property and buildings.

In 2006 Pastor Dean met with Mr. Lynn Dean from Carolina First Bank in Shelby NC to discuss getting a loan to purchase and start a church in Dallas NC. the Bank processed all the ministry’s loan applications for the loan request. At first, things didn’t seem to be going well in the loan request. Mr. Dean advised that not all the loan applicants qualified to be part of the principal signers of the loan and that the loan request would have to be further reviewed and approved by the bank. Mr. Dean indicated that the loan would probably have to be processed with primary signers and co-signers as guarantors and that he would get back to the ministry when the bank completed its review.

Several weeks went by with no response from Carolina First Bank. Then on a Friday Mr. Dean contacted Pastor Dean and advised that the loan for the church would be closing on February 01 2006. The ministry team met with the bank, the realtor, and lawyers in Shelby, NC and closed on the loan. At the closing God’s hand began to work in the ministry. A small church out of Georgia had sent $2000.00 up to help the church in its account. The realtor’s father handling the contract had made two wooden offering plates for the church and he put the first $200.00 offering in them at the loan closing. The Foursquare church gave PTFWC its $750.00 back and the church was purchased with almost $100,000.00 in equity in it at the very onset of the ministry.

In February 2006 the newly formed ministry team and about seven other families began the transformation of the old Foursquare church into the new ministry of PTFWC. For weeks the work was hard and fierce, but the families worked diligently. On March 19, 2006 the first service of PTFWC was held. With over 100 in attendance at the first service, and the energy and excitement was full of Christ’s love. The ministry was started with amazing support, sacrifice, love and a move of God. Two individuals gave their hearts to the Lord that morning.

The church continued to grow and move forward in Christ. In 2015 PTFWC became “self-sufficient” and the church was refinanced under the Church’s name, and is now managed and operated under the church by-laws.

On May 17th of 2015 Rev. Dean and Lea Anne Harris became the Senior Pastors of the church as the former minister resigned. Rev. Jimmy and Vickie Sanders jointed the Pastor’s team in May 2016 as Pastors of the church to support, help manage and continue the great work of Christ in the Gaston County area.

Rev. Lance Jimison in June 2015 joined the ministry as the Youth Pastor bringing a creative and fresh word to the youth of the church.

Our Pastors

Dean and Lea Anne Harris

Senior Pastor

Jimmy and Vickie Sanders

Assistant Pastor

Our Ministries